A Short Guide To Plant-Based Remedies With Diuretic Effect

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Diuretics are substances that increase the production of urine and they help to get rid of excess water. Water retention is the problem of retaining excess water, and it causes issues like swollen legs, feet, ankles, and hands. People experience mild water retention due to hormonal changes, being inactive for long periods, or due to the menstrual cycle. But water retention can also happen due to serious health conditions like heart failure and kidney disease. The purpose of this article is to introduce to you plant-based extracts that have a diuretic effect.


Studies have shown that coffee has several health benefits, and one of them is its diuretic effect. This is only evident at high doses of caffeine, i.e. 250-300 mg, which is equivalent to 2 to 3 cups of coffee. However, normal coffee consumption, i.e. one cup of coffee does not have enough caffeine to produce the diuretic effect. Having said that, if you are a regular coffee drinker, you might not experience the diuretic effect of caffeine because you are very likely to develop tolerance to it.

Black And Green Tea

The diuretic effect of tea is due to its caffeine content. Compared to coffee, the amount of caffeine contained in a cup of tea is low. So, the diuretic effect is mild, and you are likely to develop tolerance to this effect. Most people who consume plant-based food are regular tea or coffee drinkers.

Dandelion Extract

Dandelion extract is consumed for its diuretic effects, and because of this, it is a popular herbal supplement. It is assumed that this is due to the high potassium contained in the dandelion plant. You must know that potassium-rich foods make the kidney expel more sodium and water through urine. Nowadays, most of the ready-made food that we buy have high amounts of sodium and fewer amounts of potassium, and this can cause the issue of water retention.


Horsetail is another herbal remedy that has a diuretic effect, and it is commercially available in the form of capsules and tea. A study has shown that its effectiveness is equivalent to that of the diuretic medication hydrochlorothiazide. But it is not recommended to use this herbal remedy for the long term even though it is safe.


Parsley is a herb used as an ingredient in many plant-based recipes. Apart from this, it is used in folk medicine for its diuretic effect. It is brewed as a tea and consumed several times a day. Its diuretic effect is mild and is only useful for mild water retention issues.

We hope that the details shared above were of use to you. You must consult a physician if your water retention issue is severe.