Difficult To Find Time To Cook? Here Are Some Tips

Plant-Based Foods
Plant-Based Foods
Plant-Based Meal
Plant-Based Meal

Making the transition to plant-based eating essentially means that you are cooking all of your meals. There are no canned foods or trips to a new restaurant that you can count on, when you are back, tired from work or after a long day. As many people believe with plant-based eating, you needn’t spend a good chunk of each day in the kitchen.

The truth is that plant-based meals can be prepared in under 20 minutes, but the golden step to take here is meal prep. We will be taking a look at how you can make cooking plant-based foods more enjoyable. Read on…

Start With A Plan

Like with every other thing in life, you must plan with plant-based eating as well. Your first step is to sit down with a diary and note down the foods that you will be trying out for the week. Make sure to meet your caloric and dietary requirements when planning. Find out what plant-based recipes you will be trying out a particular day. Once the plan is set in place, you can rotate the dishes around and try out different things.  A typical day would look something like:

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal with berries and flaxseed
  • Lunch: A tossed salad with vinaigrette
  • Dinner: mushroom burgers and bean chilli

Once you have an idea of what you will have a particular day, you can then go shop just for the raw ingredients during the weekends. This will make sure that you don’t unnecessarily stock up on foods that end up getting spoilt and not being used. You will know what the recipes to make on any given day!

Prepping The Food Before Hand

During the time you are aimlessly scrolling through your social media feed, keep the cutting board close by and start chopping veggies and leaves. You can prep for the week ahead when you have free time on hand. You can do simple things like peeling potatoes, cutting fruits and storing them in the freezer, washing and chopping salad green, etc.

Store the prepared foods in air-tight containers in the refrigerator. To make things even easier, divide the portions into individual containers or bags. You can even use these as quick snacking options.

Applying these two tricks to your next week’s meal prep will make a big difference. You will be done with cooking, and have a bowl of delicious and nutritious food in no time.