Five Vegan Food Trends To Expect In 2021

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Have you been considering becoming a vegan for a long time now, only to postpone your plan more than once? If yes, you should make this move soon because with January 2021 comes the special occasion of Veganuary. This means you could try out fully plant-based food items for a full month, see how the change affects you physically, and then decide on continuing the diet. Whether you do it or not, here is a list of trends that PETA expects will happen in the vegan space next year.

Becoming Vegan To Prevent Epidemics And Reduce The Speed Of Climate Change

Climate change and the coronavirus epidemic have been the two trendiest topics of this year. As per PETA, becoming a vegan is a sure-to-succeed way of preventing another epidemic and helping to tackle the continuing climate apocalypse. There has been a big increase in people’s interest in fully plant-based consumer goods, and there will be a bigger rising trend to these next year.

Booming African-Americans’ Vegan Businesses

In global black communities, it has been more of a tradition to consume plant-based food items. Anyhow, this year, new Black food industry leaders have started making changes for the environment, animals, and customers. Several Black-owned enterprises are showing that it is not some white thing to be a part of the global vegan movement.

New Egg Substitutes

There is virtually an endless list of alternatives to cheese and meat available in the market. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) expects 2021 to be a year in which there will be a greater number of vegan egg alternatives.

Vegan Food Delivery Services

Owing to services that deliver all sorts of food items, it is possible to have different vegan consumer goods delivered right to our addresses. Besides, there exist vegan-only food delivery services that are becoming increasingly popular. With several US people continuing to do remote work due to the epidemic, PETA feels that buying through food delivery businesses will keep becoming trendier.

TikTok To Be Vegans’ Food Destination

The coronavirus epidemic has forced millions of people to remain and prepare food at home. Doing that would be tougher if vegan food social media personalities had not been available online, especially through platforms such as TikTok. One can only wonder what vegan food items they will come up with next year.