Health Benefits Of Eating Beans

Plant-Based Foods
Plant-Based Foods
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food

Beans are essentially the seeds of the flowering plants in the Fabaceae family and are available in frozen dry, or canned form. They are highly rich in nutrients like protein, iron, fiber, and vitamins that offer numerous health benefits.

Beans contain a high amount of amino acids, which is used by our bodies to heal and build new tissues, such as bone, skin, hair, muscle, and blood. Beans are available in a wide range of varieties. Lima beans, soybeans, black beans, pinto beans, navy beans, etc. are some of them.

You need to cook dried beans to make them tender enough to eat. On the other hand, frozen and canned beans are ready to eat after warming them on an oven or stove.

Here are some of the important health benefits of including beans in your plant-based meal plan.

Improve Heart Health

Studies have shown that people who eat more beans are less likely to develop cardiovascular problems. One of the main reasons for this is people replacing higher fat animal protein with beans. A study in 2013 found that eating beans will help lower the risk of developing coronary heart disease. Another study conducted recently showed that beans could lower cholesterol levels.

Help To Prevent Diabetes

Eating more beans will help to stabilize the glucose levels in your blood and prevent diabetes. The fiber present in beans is very helpful in lowering the blood glucose levels. It is proven that consuming plant-based food rich in fiber can help you reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Another study was conducted to look at the effect of adding one cup of legumes to the daily plant-based diet of people suffering from type 2 diabetes. The study showed that both high blood pressure and blood sugar levels were reduced in the group.

Reduce Cancer Risk

Many studies were conducted on beans and their effect in reducing the risk of cancer. Some of those studies showed that beans can act as anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants and reduces the risk of developing certain forms of cancer. A study in 2016 showed that North China black beans contain certain chemicals that could slow down the progression of colorectal cancer.

Improve Your Gut Health

Many types of beans, especially black beans, are proven to be effective in increasing the number of good bacteria living in your gut and improve the intestinal barrier function. This will help to prevent many gut-related diseases. Beans could also control your appetite by creating a feeling of fullness for a longer period.