Some Traits Of Several Vegans: Does Any Of These Apply To You?

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Many vegans have some things in common. If there is no vegan other than you in your place, then some of the entries in this list of the qualities might surprise you. Courage, empathy, compassion – which other traits would make the cut? Read on to find out.

Compassion And Empathy

Empathy is important with regards to building a way of life around causing the least harm. Almost every vegan that you might have come across in life is perhaps more compassionate than other dieters. Even plant-based food consumers can be quite compassionate.

Their compassion goes beyond matters such as animal exploitation and cruelty.

Independent Thinking

As for several people, to embrace veganism is to choose a path that would not make sense to many of their loved ones. For the rest of the vegans, they would face passive-aggressive remarks or open confrontation. For instance, if you have been a vegan for many years, some of your relatives and/or friends might have termed your diet ‘weird’. In other words, you might be the odd one out among loved ones who are all carnivores or non-vegans.

Courage And Resoluteness

Some vegans do remarkable things, such as working undercover in laboratories or abattoirs, for example. It takes much courage, fortitude, and determinedness to do those kinds of things.

Even the decision to become a vegan is bold, courageous, and resolute. It is resolute because the dieter has to keep themselves from giving into certain tempting cravings, like the desire for meat for instance. Initially, you might find it difficult to stick to plant-based meat, but you could get used to it with some resoluteness.


The camaraderie within a community of vegans may be better than what you might have from other groups. That is not to say that there would be no disagreement when in the community, but you are likely to find the experience more amazing as compared to what the rest offers.


There are vegan communities with innovators who have ingenious ideas. Creating cheese from cashew nuts, exposing malicious practices in factory farming, assembling people for direct action, all of those are the things you may find in those vegan communities. After all, could anyone except for a vegan to have realized the strange quality of nutritional yeast being perfect? The answer to that would most possibly be no.