How A Teenaged Girl Should Switch To A Fully Plant-Based Diet

Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food

Do you have a daughter or kid in the family who is aged 16 years and wants to switch from a non-vegetarian diet to a fully plant-based food plan? If yes, you might be wondering what the best approach to making this switch is. Here, we will discuss some pieces of information that can aid you in making her transition in a successful way.

Help Her Be A Vegetarian First, And Then A Vegan

Like any diet, a wannabe vegan’s objective should be to have enough protein, calories, minerals, and vitamins through a wide range of fresh, healthy plant-based consumer goods. There is much information regarding plant-based diets that your daughter or family child will require to stay healthy.

Being on a vegetarian food-eating pattern means she will avoid red meat, fish, poultry, and other forms of seafood. She may decide whether to consume dairy items and eggs or not.

For a teenager, it is possibly tempting to directly change to a completely plant-based diet, but we would recommend a gradual switch. Try not to exclude meat completely from your daughter’s present diet; instead, start by including a range of food items in it. Some of these should be tofu, seitan, beans, tempeh, nuts, legumes, whole grains, and seeds that will be her new diet’s staples. When she becomes comfortable and familiar with the said kinds of food items, have her eat habitually these in place of meat-based meals.

Several vegetarians avoid eating a form of meat, then a different one and so on, to successfully make the switch. Try to make the teenager in your family follow that kind of approach to the dietary transition. This gradual approach to it would be better for her health even if it may take some months for her to complete the switch.

Seek External Help If Required

Your plant food items may have quite a few nutrients, minerals and other essential substances. Nevertheless, it is sometimes important for teenagers to have vitamin supplements. For instance, vitaminB12 is in cheese, milk, eggs, and certain fortified cereals. Anyhow, many pieces of research show that vegetarians consuming milk and eggs are likely to be short on the vitamin. Therefore, it is perhaps wise to give your daughter or teenaged family member the required vitamin supplements.

Further, some cookbooks may be essential to prepare varied and healthy snacks and meals for her. It would also not be a bad idea to have her consult with a licensed dietician for nutritional guidelines about the new lifestyle change she wants to make.