Substitute Plant-Based Foods For You

Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food

It doesn’t quite matter if you are a newbie to trying out plant-based food or a veteran that has run its course for years- there have all been occasions where you are left searching around the fridge for substitutes to foods. But for those who keep an eye out, there are plenty of alternatives to animal products, sugars, oils and added salt that you can find.

We shall be taking a look as to what you can substitute where. Read on:

  • Fish, Poultry And Meat

A stroll through the market and you will find an aisle strewn with hamburgers, chicken nuggets, hotdogs, deli meat and whatnot. But what might come as a surprise to many is that there are vegan substitutes for all of these. However, it is advised that you stay clear of meat imitations that are riddled with soy protein isolates and added salts.

A much better option would be to make the substitutes at home. All you need is to coarsely ground and mash beans like chickpeas, black beans and white beans for making some amazing taco filling. You may also add in these ingredients to make soups and curries- It absorbs the flavor just as well. You can enhance the flavor by seasoning it with the right mix of condiments that fire up your taste buds. You can even use soya chunks that are mashed to a patty to make a burger filling.

  • Butter, Fats And Oils

You can make use of vegetable stock for frying and sautéing. When you are preparing a base for salad dressing, you can use a combination of vinegar or stock water in the place of regular oil.

  • Sweeteners And Sugars

When it comes to plant-based foods, there are some amazing choices for sweeteners that you can use. No, you cannot use honey as that is an animal-product. These plant-based substitutes are free from refined sugars and are not heavily processed either- all of which rob it of its nutrients and properties.

Some of the choices that you could go for are date paste and jaggery (cane sugar). Even fruit purees are just a delight in helping to sweeten your plant-based recipes. You can use these to sweeten your tea or even your cakes, the choice is completely yours to make.

At no point in time will you feel lost on animal-product substitutes. The only question that you need to ask yourself is whether are you ready to adapt your taste buds for something new. If the answer is yes, then the sky is the limit.