Things You Should Know Regarding Vegan Protein Powders

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Are you on a vegan diet? If yes, your body is likely to be short on protein. That is not to say, all vegans do not get sufficient protein. That is a misconception existing because vegans only consume plant-based meat and non-dairy items. Anyhow, the protein deficient situation might arise if you do not know what to eat. Standard vegan products have ample protein. That said, some people would like to supplement their vegan diets with protein powders. Keep reading to know more things regarding this plant-based food item.

What Is It?

It is the same product as standard protein powder except for the fact that it lacks animal components. The traditional product such as casein or whey protein powder usually has dairy components. On the other hand, soy, brown rice, and pea are used to make vegan protein.

Are All Of These Products Identical?

To cut the long story short, no. These may all be vegan-friendly, but they are made from different sources. When shopping for the best protein powder for your diet, you should consider some factors that include the following.

  • Check whether it has minimum protein in quantities of 15 to 20 grams per serving;
  • Look at its list of ingredients to ensure that these are all safe for the body; and,
  • Check whether it comes with a test report from a third-party that has a good reputation.

What Is Used To Make It?


Protein powder created from soy provides a complete form of protein. That is to say, it has all the amino acids for the body to protect your muscular tissue. The amount of protein in it may vary by brand, but almost every soy protein powder has about 20 grams for each serving.


Do you wish to avoid using the soy-based product? If yes, consider buying pea-based protein powder; it is another vegan alternative. Split peas are the source of pea protein, and these have high amounts of both branched-chain and indispensable amino acids. Branched-chain amino acids are good for the muscle damage that occurs due to intense workouts.


Industrial hemp-based protein is another vegan-friendly superfood available in the marketplace. It often contains less of the macronutrient per 100 grams as compared to milk protein. Therefore, you might have to include slightly more of it in your smoothie to be sure of having enough protein.