Why Should You Add Ginger To Your Vegan Diet

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Ginger is a popular spice that is used across the world in a wide range of recipes. It is well-known for its wonderful taste and health benefits. This plant-based food is also used as an herb. Ginger is a major ingredient in many Ayurvedic medicines because of the enormous number of medicinal properties it possesses. It is closely related to some other spices like turmeric, galangal, and cardamom.

This spice can be used fresh, dried as well as powdered. It can also be used in the form of oil or juice. It is a very common ingredient in different recipes. Ginger is sometimes used in processed foods and even cosmetics.

Ginger can be a great addition to your vegan recipes, as this plant-based food can provide a large number of health benefits. Some of the important benefits of ginger are listed below:

Contains Gingerol That Has Strong Medicinal Properties

Gingerol is one of the natural oils present in ginger which are responsible for creating the unique flavor and fragrance associated with this spice. This compound is responsible for most of the medicinal properties exhibited by ginger.

Gingerol possesses powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be useful for reducing oxidative stress in your body that can lead to cell damage and a large number of health conditions.

Can Help To Treat Nausea

Ginger is a wonderful natural remedy for nausea. It can be useful to control vomiting and nausea in people who have undergone certain types of surgeries and treatments like chemotherapy.

Additionally, ginger can be helpful for pregnant women to control nausea, vomiting, and morning sickness.

May Help With Losing Weight

Studies conducted in animals and humans showed that ginger can be beneficial for losing weight. A literature review conducted in 2019 showed that ginger supplementation can reduce body weight, hip ratio, and waist-hip ratio in people with obesity and overweight. Another study concluded that ginger can aid to reduce insulin levels and body mass index (BMI) in obese people.

Might Control Osteoarthritis Symptoms

Ginger can be useful for people suffering from osteoarthritis to control pain, stiffness, and other symptoms. A literature review found that this plant-based food can aid to treat the pain and disability in people who are suffering from osteoarthritis.

Can Treat Indigestion

By including ginger in your plant-based meals, it is possible for you to prevent indigestion. It can promote the emptying of the stomach thereby preventing different problems associated with indigestion.

Ginger is a wonderful spice that can provide a plethora of health benefits. By adding them to your recipes, you can treat many health conditions and prevent problems like indigestion. Hence, they are an important addition to your plant-based recipes.