Why Some People Struggle To Stay Vegan?

Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food

The health benefits of vegan diets are now gaining huge attention among people and a large number of studies and research are going on about this topic. A lot of people are now making a transition from an omnivorous diet to diets that are entirely based on plant-based food. This transition can help avoid the risk of various health conditions that can result from the consumption of unhealthy fats and other harmful compounds present in animal foods.

However, switching to vegan diets can be challenging for some, particularly, those who are used to eating animal foods. Talking about veganism, it is more of a lifestyle choice, rather than consuming plant-based foods. Many vegans tend to avoid all the products made from animal sources apart from foods like wool, leather, etc. Hence, veganism is not only about your eating habits.

Many people switching to plant-based diets struggle to stay vegan because of a wide range of reasons. Some people are not properly educated about vegan lifestyles, whereas, some people cannot resist the urge to eat animal foods. Several factors add to people failing to stay vegan. Five common reasons that make following vegan diets a real challenge are discussed below.

You Are Going Vegan Because Of Health Reasons

There are numerous health advantages linked with following vegan diets. They can help maintain a healthy and fit body along with lowering the chance of various chronic health conditions like heart diseases, diabetes, dementia, and even cancer.

Many people who focus on staying fit in addition to enhancing their overall health are seen to religiously follow this diet. Even though you might succeed in switching to vegan diets in the beginning, the resolve to stay vegan can get diminished as time passes. It is just like going to the gym for promoting your health and maintaining a fit body. Even though a lot of people go to the gym intending to promote their general well-being, many of them give up after a few days or weeks.

Similarly, even if you make a transition to vegan diets, still eating unhealthy foods like pizza and burgers won’t do any good to you. So you have to truly understand the vegan goals and try to stick to them. Eat more whole and raw foods instead of highly processed foods. They may not be as tasty as your junk foods, but they are very healthy. Once you completely understand the benefits offered by vegan diets, you might find enough resolve to stay vegan. Otherwise, it will be easy for you to fall back on your unhealthy eating habits.

You Lack Support

If you are the only one in your family who is switching to vegan diets, you may not get enough support from your family members. Expecting separate meals at all times can make things difficult for them. Also, you can get bored if you have to cook your meals when your family eats animal foods. However, we have some solutions for you:

  • Batch cook your plant-based recipes and store them in the refrigerator. This can help avoid the trouble of cooking meals whenever you are hungry.
  • Start cooking by adding plant-based foods only and remove a portion for vegans, then you can add other animal-sourced foods afterward.
  • Introduce vegan meals to your other family members so that they can understand the benefits of eating only plant-based foods.

These tips can be beneficial for you to get support from your family to follow vegan diets even if they are not making the transition.

You Are Stuck With Your Old Habits And Conveniences

Laziness is one of the common factors that can persuade you to give up your vegan habits. If you are too lazy to cook, you might look for something easy to prepare and might end up eating some animal products that are easy to cook. Or you might be tempted to order something that is not vegan. So, if there are times when you do not feel like cooking, it is better to store some plant-based foods that are easy to prepare, like cereals. Also, you can look for vegan restaurants when you are planning to order out.

You Have False Hope And Expectations

A lot of people believe that they can simply improve health just by switching to plant-based diets. When they do not get the results they expect, they will be tempted to fall back to their old habits. So do not expect some miracle when you switch to vegan diets. Keep your expectations low and try hard to get better results.

You Lack Knowledge About Vegan Lifestyles

Before becoming a vegan, you should try to learn more about this diet. Connect with other vegans who can inspire you and get tips on becoming a vegan. Also, be aware of the nutrient requirements and best foods to include in your diet. This can help you continue with your healthy eating habits without any fail.